It all started in...

The summer of 2007 when I found myself at a crossroad. I can vividly remember seeing my 35mm  I noticed my 35mm camera from high school. I picked it up, put my 70 pound dog toby in my $400 rust bucket of a truck and went on an aimless drive. When I got that roll of film back, I stared at this one picture for a long time. It was just of a simple photograph of an old house on Birch st. I couldn't decide if this house was special or if the photograph that made it special? I still don't know.

I realized that people did this for a living, so why not me? I had no idea how I would break into being a photographer- but that fall I started talking to a stranger in Park City, Utah where I sold ski equipment. Her sons wedding photographer canceled on them and the wedding was that weekend. For the price of a plane ticket to California I shot my first wedding.