And they wanted us to be quieter. Ha.

As we sit around the table, Jennifer tells us about a book she is reading and how it changes her way of thinking. Emily jumps in agreeing, and adds insights. We all nod in understanding and want to learn more. Tara is curious and says its similar to the way her sister thinks. Together we agree that if we change our thoughts, and believe only true and good thoughts, we are a lot happier. Then Jenny says, "wait, this is a book? This sounds like way to much work".

Emily: Still beautiful and has her same strong, independent nature. A practicing speech pathologist, a wife and mother of two adorable boys.

Jenna: Still sweet, kind and caring, and helps us all understand the best ways to handle money in relationships. *Jenna's dog in Jr. High was named Amy Jo. Just sayin'.

Jennifer: Still strong and takes life head on, living it 100% fearless. She tells us of her wonderful husband, and the wonderful life he provides for her and her two sweet but very different children. *I have always admired her courageous outlook.

Tara: Hair very long and beautiful, with her humor still fully intact lives in NYC with her dog and "man's man" boyfriend. After working almost 3 years as a paralegal in NYC, Tara tells us about her new job she loves working in the big city as a buyer.*I am visiting her in Feb. Lucky me.

Jenny: Just the same as she always has been, perfect skin and braces, again. She busted out her camera and showed us her new favorite thing to do, take pictures, and push other people out of the way to take pictures.

Brigitte: Smile as amazing as it always has been, and a laugh that is oh'so contagious. Defending us from the old ladies in the booth next to us who attacked our kind of loud reunion. Brigitte loves her job, and tells us about her Husband starting school in January.

We reminisced of the old days, blow dryers and Jenny's Hawaiian boyfriend who moved to the main land for her.

We laughed a lot (as always) and it felt so good to be surrounded by these life long friends. No joke, we all met by the 7th grade and have been friends since. Beat that. Some of us since The Little Mermaid came out in theaters.

Thank goodness for friends like these ones.