Went with it.

Hilary and I had a date. We went to Rooster where we enjoyed the company of Cam and Thayne, and an old friend, Coca Cola (Yes, sometimes I still have Coke, every 2-3 days, but now I feel I am the one in control). I mostly laughed all night. I laughed from Rooster, to the car. From the car to Hilary's house. From her house to the movie. Not really the whole time during the movie, but mostly. We were just going with it though. Then, still, from the movie to her house.

Yep, I laughed mostly all night.


Me: Of all the things they could have done.

Hilary: They could have at least put a cat under the table.


Here's to good nights and late night stick figures on Illustrator.

P.S.  See how much more talented Hilary is at illustration then I am here.