I never have real reasons for my posts these days. Oh Well.

There has been so much going on these last few weeks and the next few will be no exception. Normal classes at Walden ended last week, we have been preparing for our student trip to San Francisco with Yard Sales and planning, prom last weekend and graduation this week. I wouldn't be lying if I said I cried when some students signed their finals. I am going to miss this job. It was been one of the best experiences of my life. Its true: Walden is family. Then next week San Fran for my first time with such a great group of students and teachers.

Thank goodness for sweethearts who take care of me when my back hurts.

My cousin Bree is in the hospital, and I am grateful for all the free coke and answered prayers.

Sometimes have to convince myself that Dumbledore is dead.

I can't get enough of this song.