Itchin' to fly so I am gonna.

I am going to be a flight attendant. Its been official for a bit, but just recently I have fully embraced my commitment to it and I am getting really excited. It feels so good, to feel good about this. Its a job I think I will really enjoy. I really do love to work with people. I really do love staying in hotels. I really do want to have stable income, and health insurance. And believe you me, I really do want the flight benefits for me and my parents who I can finally feel like I am giving them something they can't get themselves.

So I have about two weeks before my lifestyle changes quite a bit, for quite sometime. I am looking forward to starting this new stage in my life. This last one was amazing, and leaving Walden has been really hard for me, hence the reasons I cried during my students finals, and when I got home from San Fran. But life is ever changing, and its only when we resist change that we hurt.

I have already lived such a full life. I feel so blessed. The other day my friend said something to the effect of "before I die...." and it didn't set well with me. I don't even think about having limits. I am sure I will do everything needed for me to have a happy life, and if it doesn't get done, well then, I obviously wont have needed it to.