I have bad skin.

Dear Little Old Woman on the plane, Thank you for your advise on skin care. I appreciate your concern for my skin. I sincerely mean that.  But it occurred to me, "So I have bad skin. Thank goodness my skin does not define me, or the perception I have of myself. My face is clean, and I do what I can for it, so who cares if its not smooth baby skin? I am not a baby. So not me."

I am Amy Jo, and I am imperfect. I have bad skin and I still like me.

On the beauty/skin subject, here is a quote that helped me in my worst acne stages. “You must do everything you can to make your appearance pleasing, but the minute you walk out the door, forget yourself and start concentrating on others. When we become other-oriented, or selfless, we develop an inner beauty of spirit that glows in our outward appearance. This is how we make ourselves in the Lord’s image rather than the world’s and receive His image in our countenances.”

Remember when this was mostly a photography blog? Lets get back on that, shall we?