If this plane goes down, I'm saving your life.

Yesterday I got a letter from one of my students (yes, a paper letter- so great), that one of my other students cousins died in an airplane crash. It was a private plane out of Idaho with only the family of four on board. All 4 died. I was looking it up to see what had gone wrong, and before I knew it I was reading the last words of plane crashes from the past. I started feeling emotional, how could I not? Then I came across the words, "We are landing in the Hudson". It was then I remembered that there are successful emergency landings. Not-a-one person died when Captain Sully and First Officer Skiles landed in the Hudson. I couldn't help but get emotional while reading these either but for different reasons, I knew that if I were ever in this situation, there is more then hope that I could evacuate an aircraft, and help save the lives of many.

Did you know they did it three times total?! They had three water landings!? WHAT? They landed in Yadkin River and then later had to land in the Atlantic! I mean, come on. Most people will never have to do a water landing, and they had to do three?

Dang birds.

Below is Captain Scully and FO Skiles