To: Casey Jene, Liv, Taytum, and Kaitlyn (because I still think your 7).

Our lives are a story, right? We each have one, and we are the protagonist in our own story. We have antagonists who come in and out of our story to help us or create obstacles. We have a co-star sometimes, and often a supporting character. There are Narrators to stories, and there are Authors.

Everyone is a Narrator. Everyone has their own perspective, and they will interpret your story the way they want. You can't control that as the protagonist.

But what you can control is what kind of Disney princess you want to be.

I want to be an ArielMulan, Pocahontas, or even a Rapunzel (modern day that is, from tangled). In the olden days Princess waited to be saved, they sang songs and hoped that life would come their way. But now a days Princess go and find their adventure and life happens. Thank goodness they still sing songs.

To quote the wise Little Mermaid, "Bright young women, sick of swimmin' ready to stand".

*I really should be a motivational speaker to girls from ages 5-12.

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