Dream Nursery

My cousin Bree has entered her sister (my other cousin) into a contest. She deserves this so much. Yes, others probably do too, but someones got to win right? Here is a note from my cousin Bree.

OK Everyone! We need your help! I entered my sister, Whitney Nelson, into the Baby Bump Watch Contest for the Radio Station 97.1 ZHT. If she receives the most votes she will win a dream nursery for her growing baby! If you don't know Whitney's story here is the short version. My dear sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on January 11, 2011 who was still born. Our sweet baby Charlotte was only 4 weeks away from her due date when her heart stopped beating. My sister, Whitney, is one of the strongest people I know for enduring the pain she has felt from losing her baby girl. She is pregnant again! And we are so excited! I really think she should win this contest. Please go vote for her. She is #144.

Vote Here.