Hey Jealousy (serious post)

Sometimes I can tend to be the jealous type and I compare myself like crazy in dating relationships. Its stupid I know. Often when I have sad, confusing, or angry feelings; I try and go to the most basic things I know. Today I started with this: God is real.

Satan is equally as real.

They have two things in common: They both want us to be more like them.

Who do I want to be like?

When I see situations how Satan would have me see them I see myself as less then others. I pick at others to build myself up. I get really down because I wonder "what she has that I don't". I feel like we are against each other.

If I look through my Heavenly Fathers eyes on the other hand I see them as a daughter of God, as my sister. They say prayers for a happy life just like me. Then the petty stuff starts to fall away and I realize we are on the same side.

Then I feel a little better.

Here is to the coming of a New Year and here is another winter song.