Parents in Chi-town

One really nice part about being in Chicago is my mom and step dad are closer then ever before in Minnesota. They drove down to my little brothers football game in Wisconsin on Saturday and then continued their drive to us in Chicago! Chicago has some really cool history. We went on the Chicago Architecture cruise last night. It was actually really cool. We had a great guide, and it was very informational.

The coolest is Streeterville where we live. We aren't even on land, we are debris. Mr. Streeter's boat got stuck on a sand bar and it all built up from there. Look it up.

Also, This video my best friend Megan sent me about photographs. Its amazing.


Normally, I see beautiful photographs and I think "How can I do this myself, how did they create these photos?" but this time, all I could do was think about how I want to stand for something like the people in these photographs, I want to be courageous like many of the people in these photographs.

In my mind, thats a successful photograph. The one that truly inspires.