Chiang Dao: Heaven in Thailand

We had been in the city of Chiang Mai for days, and we were ready for some fresh air. We also had to find Elephants for my story, so we headed north where we heard we could find some. We road the scooter out to the country of Chiang Mai, and the cool fresh air felt amazing. We took this random country road, to what looked like, well, more country. It was green with mountains to our left and planes to our right. We followed the road until we reached this enchanted lake. It was lined with huts, and no one, I mean no one was there but us and some locals. 

The huts were accessible to anyone, and food and cokes were available to buy. Naturally, we stayed there for a long time, and soaked up the beautiful weather while escaping the city heat and exhaust. It was the perfect time alone with my husband, the perfect break from the busy workshop I was attending. 

If this place wasn't already heaven on earth, there was also the most adorable yellow lab puppy running around. If you know anything about me and my husband, you understand what this did for us.