Taking one for the team.

If your wondering about the title of this post, it really doesn't have much significance. It is referring to this picture of me and Blake. I am fully aware of that chin thing going on, but look how good my husband looks. So yeah, I am taking one for Team Royall. I felt like I should do a personal post. Life over Christmas break was amazing. Honestly, amazing. But it really was pretty great to be back in Chicago (even though I would take the first opportunity to get to our favorite state before you can say rutabaga). 

I hadn't posted pictures of Annie Jo lately either, and I thought you all might be wondering how she was so I thought I would post a few in there. She is well, and still Blake and I are those owners who get giddy over their dog. She really is the perfect dog, and the sweetest animal ever. In the mornings, she waits patiently (I kind of like sleeping in) until I wake up, then gets super cuddly and kissy- like she hasn't seen me in weeks.

Blake is back in school and law-talk-blah-blah-torts-liability-lawyer-stuff. I really enjoy talking to him about school- but the subject itself is a lot more interesting to me when its on law and order. I do although think the justice system is very interesting (I served jury duty once and I loved doing my duty as a citizen- really though, I did).

Other then that I am getting excited for wedding season, photo opportunities, running frequently again, and soon taking a much needed break from social media.