The Dude // Uncle Aloha

Ever seen the Big Lebowski? Me either, but I know everyone who meets him thinks he looks just like The Dude (Jeff Bridges). He calls Maui his second home, and there his friends call him Uncle Aloha.  As for me, I call him Dad. 

I was inspired by my friend Katie Kett to take photograph the ones I love the most more often. I cant tell you how much I regret now photographing my Grandma Nelson, and Grandma Ostergren before they passed. I don't want to feel that regret ever again, so I am trying to photograph the ones I love, whether they like it or not.

I still need to share the photographs I have taken of my parents in Minnesota (I have shared one of my mother on my personal section of my website), my Grandpa in Minnesota, and my step mom and little sister in AZ. I have a long way to go before I get photos of everyone I love. I am sure its a never ending thing and I am ok with that. Its one thing I happy to do for as long as I live. 

So part one in an infinite series. My Dad. He is, as you can see, a unique individual who has always been quite inspiring. My dad and I can talk about anything, and I am grateful for that. But if you know my dad, thats no surprise to you. He can talk to anyone, on many levels. In my eyes, he is a one of a kind father, who has showed me how to walk to the beat of my own drum, and hold true to who I am. He has also showed me that love is infinite from a father, and that he will always love me, just the way I am.