Savannah, Georgia

I really hate starting this post. I am not good with words, and no matter how hard I try to describe this trip, I wont be able to. I grew up always hearing about Savannah, GA from my parents. My Great Grandma and Grandpa lived there for most of their late lives. It was their home, and my dad grew up visiting them and spending time on the beaches of Tybee Island. I have always heard about the old dock that went what felt like miles over the marsh from my great grandmas back yard to the waterway on the Isle of Hope. I intend to do an entire post dedicated to just my great grandma Oleta, this experience and some precious things she left me. I did post one photograph of standing on her old driveway. It was a very special moment. Thank you Carolyn for snapping it for me. 

My grandma Oleta Mundis was an amazing painter (I will share her work soon), and all of her kids and grandkids, and great grandkids have a painting of hers. One of the most precious things I got of my Grandmas just before she passed just last year, was her old land camera polaroid. Its been a recent dream of mine to photograph the place she loved so much, with her camera. I can't wait to share those. 

My best friend Carolyn and I really wanted to find somewhere beautiful and romantic to take her Bridals, and Savannah got in the mix, and I almost died when we decided on it. YOUR going to die when you see her bridals. She is absolutely stunning. Those will also be coming soon.

Off to have the dinner my sweet husband just made. Enjoy these photos. P.S. if you ever want me to photograph a place for you that is special, I would gladly do so. Its kind of like my small contribution to Family History.