Chicago // Epic Burger // Ohio Beach

We love this place. Luckily there is one around the corner from us. Such a good burger, in fact, I may call it Epic. 

Now for the biggest news of our winter... its finally calming down. This whole week has been in the 40s and sometimes the 50s and I seriously have had a 180 in motivation and mood. Starting a few days ago, I haven't put on any gloves, or a hat, and sometimes not even a coat. You heard that right, NOT EVEN A COAT. 

With summer right around the corner, I cant help but start planning in my head all the wonderful trips we will be taking. Its funny, because I feel like I have done quite a bit of foreign travel in my day, but somehow its made me appreciate what we have right in our own country more. Dont get me wrong, I love seeing a new culture, and feeling like I am in another world. But this summer, we will be doing a lot of US travel, and lots and lots of camping, because nothing makes me happier. 

Kodak Portra 400