Katie and Riley // North Ave Beach

I went back and forth and back and forth and finally I decided to just take a break. I have been trying to organize and pack for this summer. But today it was 80 degrees in Chicago. Why does Chicago have to go and start making me like it more when I am about to leave for the summer? 

Annie and I met our friends Katie and Riley at North Ave beach. You may recognize Katie from a session I did last fall of her and her pup. That was the first time we met, and I knew I liked her from the get go*. She is beautiful, funny, easy going, loves to travel-photography-dogs-outdoors. 

My dog is a ball hog.

Riley is adorable.

And if your looking for a Chicago Wedding photographer, Katie Kett is your gal.

*When I was a kid I thought this was "From the 'gecko'". Which makes perfect sense.