My friend Nicole

Nicole is a new friend of mine in Chicago. I really am so grateful to have her here. She really is as sweet as sugar and her husband is a riot. Nicole study early childhood education, has taught, nannied and is the primary chorister at our church. It would be no surprise to you then, to tell you that she collects children's books. Vintage books, original books from our childhood (not sure if I am ready to call those vintage) and new wonderful books.  

Her and her husband are moving out of this apartment so we wanted to document them there before they move. I am excited to go back next week and photograph them both. If your interested, I used both my Canon 5D Mark II as well as my minolta (Kodak, Portra 400).

The Hathaways // Lauren and Cora

Today I spent some time with these two beautys. One reason I love film so much- I didnt edit these. No color or light correction. I also took digital today, and I didn't even love them once I got these back.  They also have there slight imperfections, due to me learning I need to also check the back of my Minolta. I get a little light spot when the tape falls off (tape? Yeah... a little rough. Working on getting that fixed).

Kodak 200

Flowers // lomo camera

Earlier this year there was a big storm, and Blake went to take Annie out during it. He came back with a hand full of flowers that had been blown off a potted plant outside our building. I don't know why, but this meant more to me then new flowers from the store, or something he could have planned. This is why I married this guy- he is always thinking of others- especially me.

The camera in this photo is a lomo camera from the 50's. Blake got it for me for Christmas- the best part is that its converted to 35mm, and for me, thats perfect. I don't have anyone right around me who will develop my medium format film, so I prefer 35mm. 

Oh yes, and the flowers are old, and dead, and dried out. But I still think they are beautiful. Not sure how I will ever throw them away.

Minolta SRT101

It was my moms birthday yesterday. Thank goodness she was born. Thanks Grandma for giving me my mom. I cant wait until she comes down here in a few weeks. 

This my husbands pretty little Minolta SRT101. His brother brought it in town for us last weekend. Putting it to use lately and loving it.