Brother Brock in town, and our dog is crazy.

My brother in law, Brock, came to visit from NY for easter. I am so glad he used his little time off to come spend time with us. He is a ER Doctor (something I could never do), and is very, very busy. Because he has been in NY since I have been with Blake, i haven't had a ton of time with him. He is so great, and I once again am reminded how lucky I am to have married into Blake's family (does anyone love their in laws like I do? Not sure). 

So we went to the beach by our house one afternoon. To say Annie is excitable would be an understatement. She keeps us on our toes.

Here is a roll of Kodak Portra 400 I took that day with my Minolta.

Beautiful film = no editing for me.


I was just home in Minnesota for about 5 days. They got 16'' of snow the day before I got there, which made for a perfect pre-Christmas visit. I am not sure if I have ever expressed (I probably have) just how much I love that state. I really love the midwest, but what I love even more is Minnesota. 

While I was there it was Annie's first time seeing snow, i had some quality Birch House time with Megan Daas, took pictures of the family members I saw, and of course saw The Hobbit with my parents. I have a bunch of photos to come, most importantly that of my family. I was inspired by a post Katie Kett (who you just met in my recent blog post), about making time to take pictures of our loved ones.

I also posted a few wintery photos on the Birch House Tumblr and an update on Birch House's blog.

Did I mention I need glasses? I went in to the Dr. a bit ago, and come to find out I was not seeing things very clearly- ha. I went through the Warby Parker at home try on deal, and had such a good experience. But I am so happy with my new glass. Apparently things are sharper then I knew.