The Hathaways // Lauren and Cora

Today I spent some time with these two beautys. One reason I love film so much- I didnt edit these. No color or light correction. I also took digital today, and I didn't even love them once I got these back.  They also have there slight imperfections, due to me learning I need to also check the back of my Minolta. I get a little light spot when the tape falls off (tape? Yeah... a little rough. Working on getting that fixed).

Kodak 200

The Holms

This is such a great little family. The Holms moved to Chicago about the same time as Blake and I. They are from St. George, UT and I have to say, I have never met a St. Georgian I havent really liked. They are always so nice, and way easy going. This adorable family is no acception! Introducing Steve and Jaime and their 3 little bears (from youngest to oldest, Mac, Jett & Hudson).

Mom & sons //Bobby, Jude and Owen

Yesterday was a perfect Chicago day. We had lake Michigan in the back ground. The city scape with famous Drake Hotel just yards away and of course, wind. And to top it off, dogs. I cant tell you how many people in Chicago have dogs. This was so surprising to me at first. I mean, its a city for one. Anyways, Bobby's boys are perfect.

The famous Drake Hotel. 

Owen Foster 

Man, that baby is hard to crack. Her and her husband Taft, joke about how stoic he is. And its true, but when he does smile, man oh man those teeth! The most adorable little beaver teeth. 

Jude Foster.

The first time I met Jude, it was at church, and he looked quite a bit like Clark Kent. Bobby said its the only way they can get him to go to church without a super hero costume on.

Bobby Foster.

I dont know a soul who wouldn't just love her. She is so real, fun, ridiculously kind and has her stuff together. She will tell you otherwise because she is also very modest. Her and Taft (her husband) are some of our favorites, maybe ever. But I know I am in good company when say that. 

Jude loves Dogs. This dog loved him and his shoe right back.