The thing about getting married...

I really couldn't be more excited to marry Blake. I am excited for the wedding day, the festivities before, and even the stressful, sometimes annoying planning. We are getting married in a place we have looked forward to for a long time, having our dinner and reception amongst the most beautiful surroundings. Its everything I dreamed. I love my dress, our decorations, the food, every little thing and the not so little things. Our photographers are incredible, and Blake looks perfect in his suit.

We just got offered the perfect apartment in Chicago, for a great price (for downtown Chicago that is) and the most, and I mean the most, incredible windows over looking downtown Chicago. Its only a few blocks away from school for Blake, and just a few steps from Navy Pier. Not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but being from Minne, I am kind of a lake girl.

Between our wedding in July, and our move to the Big City. We will be spending out time visiting anywhere we want to, hanging with friends and family, and soaking up the summer sun.

All of that is just amazing, right? The part that makes me the most excited (I never thought I would feel this way!), is unpacking our things, waiting anxiously for Blake to get home from school while I fiddle with pictures and reorganize our house over and over again, just to hear Blake talk and talk about things he is currently thinking about. This generally means politics, economics, biking, mountains, people who ruin mountains, his family and the most recent NPR show or podcast he listened to.

Then I will tell him how I miss Toby and need a dog, and we will get one.

Thank goodness he loves dogs like I do.

*photo by The Amazing Jessica Peterson