I was just home in Minnesota for about 5 days. They got 16'' of snow the day before I got there, which made for a perfect pre-Christmas visit. I am not sure if I have ever expressed (I probably have) just how much I love that state. I really love the midwest, but what I love even more is Minnesota. 

While I was there it was Annie's first time seeing snow, i had some quality Birch House time with Megan Daas, took pictures of the family members I saw, and of course saw The Hobbit with my parents. I have a bunch of photos to come, most importantly that of my family. I was inspired by a post Katie Kett (who you just met in my recent blog post), about making time to take pictures of our loved ones.

I also posted a few wintery photos on the Birch House Tumblr and an update on Birch House's blog.

Did I mention I need glasses? I went in to the Dr. a bit ago, and come to find out I was not seeing things very clearly- ha. I went through the Warby Parker at home try on deal, and had such a good experience. But I am so happy with my new glass. Apparently things are sharper then I knew. 

Ode to Tob.


Last week I had a dream that Toby died. I woke up an absolute mess. I almost flew home that day.

He didn't. But it scared me.

When Toby was a puppy, he would curl up in our laps. When he grew up, he still tried to curl up in our laps. Toby and I share a room. Sometimes a pillow. Toby and I used to run around the lake together. Now I drive him to the lake and we sit together. Even if everyone in the world left everyone, Toby wouldn't leave me. Toby's only real fault is that his life will be too short. I heard that once. Toby is the most important member of our family. Tied with mom of course.

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.  -Christopher Morley