North Ave Beach // Summer Reading


Blake is almost done with his first year of law school and I couldn't be more excited. Everyone tells us that the first year of Law School is the worst and that it keeps getting less stressful. I am grateful that despite the hard and busy year of school, we have still had the most amazing first year of marriage. We leave to Utah for the summer in a few weeks, and I couldn't be more excited. I cant wait for a summer filled with amazing people, creative opportunities, outdoor adventures and more of my sweet husband.


Lately I have been reading like crazy. This way I can just hang in the library while he spends hours on hours studying.  

I read Believing Christ. It helped me understand the difference in believing in The Savior, and believing He can do what He says He can. I am almost finished with The Maze Runner Series which I have enjoyed immensely. I read To Kill a Mocking Bird with Blake out loud and I still can't get over how many lessons I didn't understand in high school when I read it. I am currently reading the last book in the Maze Runner series and The Peacegiver. The Peacegiver has proven to be quite promising. I read the authors business book called Leadership and Self-deception which literally changed my life. I ordered the first book in the Game of Thrones series, Eve and The Choice made in Eden, and I want to reread Lord of the Rings. I also love book suggestions. Please Suggest away my dear friends. 

Brother Brock in town, and our dog is crazy.

My brother in law, Brock, came to visit from NY for easter. I am so glad he used his little time off to come spend time with us. He is a ER Doctor (something I could never do), and is very, very busy. Because he has been in NY since I have been with Blake, i haven't had a ton of time with him. He is so great, and I once again am reminded how lucky I am to have married into Blake's family (does anyone love their in laws like I do? Not sure). 

So we went to the beach by our house one afternoon. To say Annie is excitable would be an understatement. She keeps us on our toes.

Here is a roll of Kodak Portra 400 I took that day with my Minolta.

Beautiful film = no editing for me.


I was just home in Minnesota for about 5 days. They got 16'' of snow the day before I got there, which made for a perfect pre-Christmas visit. I am not sure if I have ever expressed (I probably have) just how much I love that state. I really love the midwest, but what I love even more is Minnesota. 

While I was there it was Annie's first time seeing snow, i had some quality Birch House time with Megan Daas, took pictures of the family members I saw, and of course saw The Hobbit with my parents. I have a bunch of photos to come, most importantly that of my family. I was inspired by a post Katie Kett (who you just met in my recent blog post), about making time to take pictures of our loved ones.

I also posted a few wintery photos on the Birch House Tumblr and an update on Birch House's blog.

Did I mention I need glasses? I went in to the Dr. a bit ago, and come to find out I was not seeing things very clearly- ha. I went through the Warby Parker at home try on deal, and had such a good experience. But I am so happy with my new glass. Apparently things are sharper then I knew. 

On my mind.

1: Kinfolk Dinner // You can still get your Kinfolk Dinner tickets at

2: This Weekend // My Best Friend since 3rd grade gets in town tonight.

3: Christmas in Utah // We are coming to Utah for Christmas break! If you want to book a session, just send me a message. I will have the exact days I am available up shortly. Roughly the 22-Jan 3 with the exceptions of Holidays. 

4: Offset printing // Learning a lot, and loving it. Getting ready for Birch House has been pretty exciting. If you know any good tips for offset printing- tell me. 

5: Walls by Mur // Some of mine and Blake's friends started Walls by Mur, and Kristi (one of Blake's very best friends) designed them. Its funny because Blake mentioned that I should do triangles on the wall like Kristi does. Then they launched Walls by Mur and I am hooked! I cant wait to get mine. Because I dont have to go through the hassle of trying to paint perfect lines, they are removable adhesive. Genius. 

6: My Husband // He is so busy with school. Law school can be pretty rough. The other day someone asked me if I was one of "Northwestern's Law Widows". I probably am. But with an amazing husband like Blake, I get time with him. He is so good about having dinner every night with me. And we try to go to bed together every night (This often means me waiting up pretty late for him or going to bed really early so he can get up ridiculously early). But its totally working for us. I am so grateful for him.  

7: Annie // Sometimes I am surprised how pretty Annie is. We get compliments on what a pretty dog she is all the time. Why am I surprised? Because Blake and I would have taken home the mangiest mutt at the shelter and some how, we took home this very, very, pretty pup.