Utah bound // almost.

I am coming to Utah from the 22nd to January 4th! 

I really cant even wait. I cant wait for mountains, Christmas, family and friends. But mostly I am looking forward to my sweet husband getting to give his brain a break for a few weeks. I am so proud of him, and he really deserves it- semester I of Law School is rough!

...If you would like to schedule a photo shoot, I would love to do one with you. Contact me for details on dates and pricing. 

On another note, I have neen trying to get this little beauty up and running for a while now. It hasnt happened mainly due to my lack of diligence. I also have decided (with the advice of a friend) to convert it to use AAA batteries since dealing with the old ones is a bigger pain (Believe it or not). So I will pretend to be an electrician (If i fail, Blake will probably figure it out)  so I can finally use the instant film I have had sitting on my desk. 

O' Christmas Tree.

Decorating the tree and just trying so hard to get my dog to take a picture with me. Lovin this song. This is my winter song to you. You know who you are. I think. Probably. Maybe. You should.


Don't know what to post. 1. My little brother is nominated for Athlete of the Year award! So proud of him. I just love him so much.

2. Toby (my dog) shares a room with me. Sometimes I wake up in a panic that he isn't breathing. Oh I love my dog.

3. I am grateful for people who are kind, loving and giving of their time and emotions. I am grateful for people who don't play games with others, and don't with hold kindness and love but give of it freely knowing it doesn't cost them a thing. I can think of many people like this in my life. I try to be like them. I am so grateful for them.