Nikki + Justin Lake // Chicago

These two have been there for Blake and I literally since the day we moved into our apartment. Justin helped us move, the drove us to church the first Sunday and Nikki got me a job here. That was all just in the first week.

This girl has become one of my most cherished friends here in Chicago. I really love being able to do this for people I love. Its one small way I can give back to them for all they have done for me. 

The Colvins // Chicago

I photographed these two in their apartment before they pack up and move. As I went through these images afterwards, my heart felt so full knowing that one day, their children, and grandchildren will not only be able to see pictures of them in their young married life, but also, in one of their first homes together. Family History done through photographs is an important kind to me. If you ever want to do this, please tell me, and I will gladly help you preserve some memories in your place of refuge. 

Both Digital and Kodak Portra 400

The Hathaways // Lauren and Cora

Today I spent some time with these two beautys. One reason I love film so much- I didnt edit these. No color or light correction. I also took digital today, and I didn't even love them once I got these back.  They also have there slight imperfections, due to me learning I need to also check the back of my Minolta. I get a little light spot when the tape falls off (tape? Yeah... a little rough. Working on getting that fixed).

Kodak 200