Parents in Chi-town

One really nice part about being in Chicago is my mom and step dad are closer then ever before in Minnesota. They drove down to my little brothers football game in Wisconsin on Saturday and then continued their drive to us in Chicago! Chicago has some really cool history. We went on the Chicago Architecture cruise last night. It was actually really cool. We had a great guide, and it was very informational.

The coolest is Streeterville where we live. We aren't even on land, we are debris. Mr. Streeter's boat got stuck on a sand bar and it all built up from there. Look it up.

Also, This video my best friend Megan sent me about photographs. Its amazing.


Normally, I see beautiful photographs and I think "How can I do this myself, how did they create these photos?" but this time, all I could do was think about how I want to stand for something like the people in these photographs, I want to be courageous like many of the people in these photographs.

In my mind, thats a successful photograph. The one that truly inspires.

Preserved in amber.

This is one of my most cherished pictures. I know that symmetry in pictures is supposed to create tension. Our natural eye feels better when things are off balance, it feels more organic. But for some reason it always makes me feel good and peaceful. I guess the trees in this are a little off balance though. Maybe I really have not idea what I am talking about.

This is from the Yellow River in Australia

Last night I was sick.


Just finished Enchantment by Orson Scoot Card. I always enjoy his relationship development.

Finishing Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier so that I can feel good about starting East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

THE Barkers.

Let me tell you why I like shooting with them so much. They bring it.

They are preform for me, and I get to take pictures. Just stay tuned for the rest of this post and you will see.

*Something I have learned about photographing people: give opportunity for people to be themselves. Facilitate the photo shoot but don't be afraid to let them get creative. Some photo shoots you need to control more then others, but sometimes, its good to just let the shot happen, and then you be there to capture it.


Kenneth Linge- lighting

Check this. She is one of my photography students. On a blog I happen to really like.

Kenneth Linge wrote a great post on lighting here.

Isn't she beautiful? I bet you wouldn't guess she is in my junior high student. She also happens to have a really big heart, and is very talented and smart.