The therapy of moving.

I have just been the busiest with moving, and trying to recuperate from our ridiculous summer. BUT good news: Just got my new computer, and I am looking for every reason to use it. Starting in a minute. Or maybe Monday when I finish unpacking our new apartment. I can't stand having boxes unpacked.

I have to say, I really actually enjoy unpacking in a way. Its the best opportunity to leave excess behind. What is it about decluttering my material life, helps me declutter my inner self? Either way I love it.

Less is more. I can see simplicity in on the horizon. (Sigh)

Cherry Pepsi, Hummis, and Artisan Bread.

Cherry Pepsi takes me back to Spanish tiles,  chimichanga mornings, the above ground pool, dad's hand crafted bar and dancing to Coyote Ugly's soundtrack with my sister Tara. In San Fran for work. Leaving to San Diego today.

Flying on our biggest plane for the first time. Feeling nervous.

Trader Joe's is great.