Ode to Tob.


Last week I had a dream that Toby died. I woke up an absolute mess. I almost flew home that day.

He didn't. But it scared me.

When Toby was a puppy, he would curl up in our laps. When he grew up, he still tried to curl up in our laps. Toby and I share a room. Sometimes a pillow. Toby and I used to run around the lake together. Now I drive him to the lake and we sit together. Even if everyone in the world left everyone, Toby wouldn't leave me. Toby's only real fault is that his life will be too short. I heard that once. Toby is the most important member of our family. Tied with mom of course.

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.  -Christopher Morley

My life as of late.

Moved to SLC. Hanging with my roommates. Hanging with my most favorite person to ever exist. Going to Weddings. Going to the Humane Society and almost adopting 18 dogs. Drinking Coke (we just can't stay apart). Instagraming with my new iPhone. Working, and sadly, leaving Walden. Finally letting go and starting a new chapter.