Thailand here I come, and Foundry

I am headed to Thailand tonight with my sweet husband! Finally! After a spout of sickness for us both, we finally feel ready to leave. Which is good, considering the following. One of my dreams is coming true next week. I get to participate in the world renowned Foundry Photography Workshop. It is for professionals and aspiring photo journalist alike. I have been waiting for this, for a very long time.

Please check out this incredible workshop here. And it's ok to be jealous, it really is.

I will be updating about my experience here on my blog. Expect great things.

Way up here and a car

20120719-195720.jpg So I really like this car.

Right now; this very second, and the seconds before this second, and the days before and even the weeks and months before this second, I have been the happiest.

Lately my prayers are 90% gratitude and 10% thankfulness. I am on the top of this peak looking out over the opposition of highs and lows, and from up here, life looks beautiful. But because I have been in my valleys, I know that they will eventually come. But that they will rise again into high peaks, and that sometimes I will even have to walk across seemingly boring planes.

But man oh man, I will soak up the sun on this mountain.

Dos Fotos


20120716-002512.jpg Here is an IPhone photo of this wonderful, magical store we went to here in Buenos Aires. It's so charming and small, very small, and covered, completely covered in cameras. Of every kind. Ever. This guys a fourth generation owner of this store.

Can't wait to tell more. That camera is the newest addition to my favorite things. Its an Argentine original. And the best part, it's working.

Best souvenir I have ever received. So glad Blake is the most supportive of my love.