The Hathaways // Lauren and Cora

Today I spent some time with these two beautys. One reason I love film so much- I didnt edit these. No color or light correction. I also took digital today, and I didn't even love them once I got these back.  They also have there slight imperfections, due to me learning I need to also check the back of my Minolta. I get a little light spot when the tape falls off (tape? Yeah... a little rough. Working on getting that fixed).

Kodak 200

The Hydes: Family Photoshoot

Brittany and I were roommates for years, and she is one of my closest most cherished friends. She is also a riot, and a very talented girl. Her husband, Spencer, is also a real good time and a very talented writer studying in graduate school right now. Bottom line- they made an equally as awesome child- Coirmac. Here is my shoot with them.