The Colvins // Chicago

I photographed these two in their apartment before they pack up and move. As I went through these images afterwards, my heart felt so full knowing that one day, their children, and grandchildren will not only be able to see pictures of them in their young married life, but also, in one of their first homes together. Family History done through photographs is an important kind to me. If you ever want to do this, please tell me, and I will gladly help you preserve some memories in your place of refuge. 

Both Digital and Kodak Portra 400

I heart Julie. (Luke and Julie Engagements)

Julie was even more then I could have hoped for. She is beautiful, funny, down to earth, kind and oh so easy to be around. I hugged her right away and could hardly contain my excitement. You see, one day, long a ago, I met Luke Drake. I think one of the first times I met him he came up behind me with some wolverine claws, and later brought out his Lord of the Rings sword. You can understand why I would be friends with him quickly. Luke then introduced me to his sister (she was looking for a roomie) who is now one of my very favorite people/closest, ever, friends. In the duration of time I have known Luke, I have never, ever, ever, heard him talk about a girl, let alone met one he liked. So you can imagine my excitement knowing I was going to meet this very special girl.

This is my confession. After our shoot, I texted Luke to tell him that Julie was wonderful and I was so happy for him. I was ecstatic to hear that Julie had just told him that she thinks her and I will be great friends.

I was happy to hear the spark was mutually felt. Thank you Luke for introducing me to Julie. And oh yeah, I am happy for you two. Your pretty much perfect together. I am sure your wolverine claws were what won her.

Derek and Kristen Engagements

Derek and Kristin and the perfect example of a couple who are best friends. I really spending the evening with them in Park City. The area is so amazing, and this time of the year it is so green.