Whether I am photographing the old home of a loved one, the neighborhood your children grew up in before a big move, or even your grandpa's old car dealership before it's sold and they take down his signs, what matters is that it matters to you. I want to help you preserve these places, as you remember them, forever. 

As I have photographed stories for families, I have seen the power that these heirloom photographs and albums can have while processing change. They help us to honor the past, giving us the quiet strength to move forward into the future a little more whole than we were before. 

What is included in a Home & Family History Story

  • A carefully curated gallery of artful images
  • A canvas covered, fine art album
  • Digital images with printing rights

I was inspired to offer this service to others because of my own experience that was published as a personal essay in Hearth Magazine. You can read the web version here.