La Hacienda Just Smiled.

From Provo to Boulder. I was fully stocked with Pretzel M&M's from my sweet student Riley, cameras, Coke, music and 12 books on tape (I need options). I was on my way to enjoy a beautiful rainy drive. My favorite.

Road trips are always good to me. I always feel rejuvenated with a good 24 hours to myself. Music has always been tied to photographs for me, I can't put my finger on what exactly does it, but some songs speak to me (literally sometimes) and really make me want to take pictures.

The National really did it for me this time, especially this song. And this song by Ryan Adams.

I mostly relished in the time I had at the hotel. I took a few pictures of myself, which I am not always so big on, but I really didn't have many options, and after my road trip I was still in the mood to take pictures. Yes, I could have left the hotel bu that would have defeated the purpose of my relishing in the hotel. Understand? Yeah yeah, I didn't have to post them, but I did. I got a kick out of myself.