Tango para piano.

For our honeymoon we went to Buenos Aires. Some say its called the Paris of South America. It was amazing in every way, and I will cherish that city. Best steak, beautiful architecture, rich in history, and the countryside, oh the countryside. I clearly recall my new husband being the only human I really spoke to the entire time on the account of me knowing 10 phrases in spanish (at the most, including Hola), and him being fluent.

If you know Blake, you know he loves talking to people. If you really know Blake, you know he likes talking to people in spanish even more.

Anyways, Buenos Aires is famous for the Tango, which is why we chose this art work/ old sheet music. Which by the way, Buenos Aires has the best antique stores, and of course my favorite was this old antique camera store where I bought one of my favorite box cameras- Argentine original Siena.

So we got this sheet music to frame as our souvenir (which I think are overrated unless you get one or two things that you will actually use, because otherwise I think photographs best). Well, holding myself to this 'I-only-buy-souvenirs-I-will-use' idea, I finally got us a frame for it.  

I am really choosy about my frames. Which as you can see leads me to using tacks in the mean time. 

Heres to target gift cards we still have from our wedding.

Sometimes I like the same picture side  by side. No reason.

There is bread and salt between us.

Blake and I were lucky enough to be invited to an intimate dinner with Chef Josh Lewin of a Bistro in Boston, MA. He was out here for a few days, and really is the nicest person. You can just feel generosity and passion spilling out of him. The menu was of course, to die for. I am not a cook myself, but that all the more makes me appreciate expertise such as his.  

Josh found me through the Kinfolk website, and I once again, am so grateful for the people I have met through doing that dinner. Honestly, it attracts the kind of people you not only want to work with, but the kind of people you want to be friends with.

While Josh was traveling through the middle east, he became very familiar with an Arabic phrase 'baynatna khubz wa milah', which translates to 'there is bread and salt between us'. It refers to although there is much strife in the world, there is an enduring bond between people who have sat and shared a meal together. 

Here is to Josh, and here are a few photos I snagged when things were winding down. 

JoshLewin_35 finalcopy.jpg

This was a good day.

Woke up, took my sweet Annie out for a quick walk, then got ready for work and hopped in a cab. Work was nice, and steady, nothing crazy good and nothing crazy bad. But let me tell you what I was real happy about. I finally had a routine! I felt like I knew what I was doing, and I didn't feel like I needed to ask someone for something everywhere I turned.

That felt good.

But lets me honest. I would rather be in Guam.

Guam, USA

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