When I thought about home.

Fun recent facts: I am back in Utah. I started teaching this again week and loved it. I am very blessed.

I have been feeling the same yearning I have for a while now, to go to France.

I also keep feeling like I need an ocean.

I had some great things happen with my family over break.

My friend Afton is so wonderful.

Snow, when sparkling, is my favorite.

My friend Cassidy still hates magic.

Ashlee and Melodie still love magic.

Cassidy has a student who runs an underground wand business, from a briefcase.

I live with my cousin Bree and her Ike. I really like it.

Their cat challenges me everyday for moving into her favorite room.

I had some Papoosas today with Alex.

I watched Star Wars for the first time tonight thanks to Tristan.

I lost my phone in Vegas. I dug in the garbage, at the gas station (with gloves).

I did not find it.

I got a new, nicer one, fo' free.

I picked up Thayne in Vegas on my way back. This is us, just stretchin' our legs in the beautiful state of Utah.