Thats all I really know.

I am convinced that life is a learning ground, and its the most intense, wonderful school that exists.

If you and I could have a one on one conversation, you wouldn't believe the amazing things I have learned the past month from my experiences and from others.

Relish in the good, don't let fear smother it.

In the darkest moments, when family is around, there is light.

Real heartache and joy wont really exist until I have children*

People are stronger then they think.

Never hold love back.

Love, even when its in the letting go, heals.

I am not always the best with wording, because I always sound cheesy as all heck. But, its the only way I can express it.

*I never really understood this until this week.

**Photo: Kandavu, Fiji- this is a color photograph believe it or not.