I heart Julie. (Luke and Julie Engagements)

Julie was even more then I could have hoped for. She is beautiful, funny, down to earth, kind and oh so easy to be around. I hugged her right away and could hardly contain my excitement. You see, one day, long a ago, I met Luke Drake. I think one of the first times I met him he came up behind me with some wolverine claws, and later brought out his Lord of the Rings sword. You can understand why I would be friends with him quickly. Luke then introduced me to his sister (she was looking for a roomie) who is now one of my very favorite people/closest, ever, friends. In the duration of time I have known Luke, I have never, ever, ever, heard him talk about a girl, let alone met one he liked. So you can imagine my excitement knowing I was going to meet this very special girl.

This is my confession. After our shoot, I texted Luke to tell him that Julie was wonderful and I was so happy for him. I was ecstatic to hear that Julie had just told him that she thinks her and I will be great friends.

I was happy to hear the spark was mutually felt. Thank you Luke for introducing me to Julie. And oh yeah, I am happy for you two. Your pretty much perfect together. I am sure your wolverine claws were what won her.