Snow and I.

Dear Mr. Snow, I know we have had our outs in the past, and that things haven't always been, well, warm between us. But I finally have realized, that I love you. I love driving in you. I am sad when you finally melt away and leave the ground dry and boring.

Maybe its because you remind me of a home a love. But I remember the first time you and I met. No, not the time in Flagstaff when I was a kid and you had been on the ground for a long time. I mean when I was 12, and I woke up to my first, fresh fallen snow. The morning light hit you and you sparkled. Just like glitter.

Last night you came down pretty hard when we were driving home from PC. But I kind of loved it. Although you sometimes make me afraid for my life, I like you. Not year round or anything, I mean we all need our space. But when your here, I am pretty happy about it.

We are friends you and I.


Amy Jo

What I am saying is, "Utah, I don't hate you because of the snow, I realize I actually like having seasons."