Rory NO!

There we stood. Rory and I. We had been Best Friends for such a long time. I did her wedding pictures and I was so so sad when she came to me to tell me she was not happy with them. I apologized, and said I am so sorry but sometimes certain shots just don't turn out. I felt horrible. Then she told me that I ruined her wedding day, and I started crying. She walked through the curtain and out of the room as I called out after, in the most intense, dramatic scream I could muster. Then I woke up, and I felt sick. I ruined our friendship, Rory was my Best Friend. Oh wait, it wasn't real.

Haeree and I met at my house a little after eleven, and had a traditionally perfect sleepover- complete with junk food, and of course, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II. I wish she still lived in Utah.

Below is Haeree and I on the beach in Australia (oh PK's Village)

This is a picture of me and Haeree, sincerely freaking out while flying from Nadi to Kandavu Fiji. We walked up, and saw duck tape holding together parts of the plane, can you blame this face? Don't worry, we have this on video.