This was such a good trip home. I had some friends (Kristin and Emily) with me. I spent most of my time with my family, and let me tell you, I love my family. I am so lucky. Evan still lives at home (my 17 year old Brother), and Kaitlyn had eye surgery so she is currently home for college too. It was so great. I have so many favorite memories from this weekend:

My mom peaking her head in my interview to give me something, and winning over the recruiter (who I am pretty sure offered my mom a job and if I get it, I can thank her), all the while my face is red with embarrassment. Moms are the best.

How perfect our house is when I got home, clean and put together (pretty much you can tell a mom lives here).

My notsolittlebrotherbecauseheisagiant tackle me at the front door right after I was greeted by my sweet dog.

Reading for hours on end aloud with my sister Kaitlyn (her poor eye- its really all she can do).

My little brother walking into the room in his tux all ready for prom, and Kaitlyn and I both making sure he got the prom traditions correctly (she needs to wear your tie at the end of the night, then she gets to keep it).

But my absolute most precious memories happen to be the simplest ones around the table at meal time. Those conversations and interactions are precious to me. I can't even explain it.