Someone like you.

More pictures from my Fiji finds.

It is so nice out today. I believe summer is finally here.

I hope my life is always filled with the occasional leisurely long lunches. In the sun, taking my time with either a good book or friend. Today I went to the famous hot dog stand here in Provo with my friend Tristan. J-Dawgs is just two blocks away, and on a nice day like today, I couldn't help myself. I love being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment with an amazing hot dog. Tristan is a full-time blogger, and he is dang good at it. We like to talk about things like camera's, rock climbing, blogging, boys and girls, traveling and simplifying. This last year Tristan had a blog dedicated to simplifying his life by de-cluttering.

Whats going on:

The school year is ending, thus maybe my last year teaching at Walden. That is the saddest thing I have written down in a long time.

Getting ready for our school trip to San Francisco.

Working on Peetchas.

Lots of Climbing with David.

Lots of complaining because I think I threw out my back or something.

Deciding whether or not I really want to be a flight attendant and put off Graduate School longer.

Rough life.