I guess I am magic now and ten thoughts or so.

1. I was walking through the airport after work, watching all the people rushing to their gates, and the word came to my mind, "muggles". 2. Portland farmers market with the greatest ever friends.

3. Salt Lake, thank goodness. *He is still big and sweet.

4. Trip to Kansas and Michigan this weekend. Cool.

5. I promise I have more thoughts other then traveling related, I just can't, well, think of them.

6. Pink dolphins in the Amazon.

7. Met a man named John today who survived two helicopter crashes, but was paralyzed from the waste down. Until he had a miracle surgery a few months ago. Guess who can walk now.

8. Maybe I will work on Air Force One someday.

9. I miss taking pictures.

10. I feel like an impostor in a uniform. Kind of fun. Maybe I am a squib.