Waves are cool.

This book is blowing my mind. I think I might actually start following my dreams.

Huntington Beach. So fun.

The Ministery of Magic.

Yep. I was right. Airline employees are wizards and passengers are a bunch of muggles. We have all the magic, I mean, power in the airport. We don't have to wait in lines, we can fly, we don't pay full price for anything, and we get to go into secret places that muggles, i mean passengers, never see, or even know exist. Yesterday, I was proven right, yet again. Because we had a man From the FAA come on our flight. He was Barty crouch and I have no doubt in my mind that the FAA is the Ministry of Magic.

Why didn't training feel like Hogwarts?

I guess I am magic now and ten thoughts or so.

1. I was walking through the airport after work, watching all the people rushing to their gates, and the word came to my mind, "muggles". 2. Portland farmers market with the greatest ever friends.

3. Salt Lake, thank goodness. *He is still big and sweet.

4. Trip to Kansas and Michigan this weekend. Cool.

5. I promise I have more thoughts other then traveling related, I just can't, well, think of them.

6. Pink dolphins in the Amazon.

7. Met a man named John today who survived two helicopter crashes, but was paralyzed from the waste down. Until he had a miracle surgery a few months ago. Guess who can walk now.

8. Maybe I will work on Air Force One someday.

9. I miss taking pictures.

10. I feel like an impostor in a uniform. Kind of fun. Maybe I am a squib.

I am standing up on it.

I think he is wondering what I am doing in his bed.

Toby Jo Ostergren is so old, and nearing the end of his life. I plan on making his last days the best. Its time I pay him back for being everything to me when I felt I had nothing.  He really is the ideal companion. He lets me be me, and loves me unconditionally. He forgives me, and I can't hold anything against him, even when he desecrates things I love (like eating my scriptures- seriously though).

We will see lots of sun and water and grass together, and I will literally have to carry him there. And I will do it gladly.

listen to this.

and read this.

and if you want your days to be better, read this.

Preserved in amber.

This is one of my most cherished pictures. I know that symmetry in pictures is supposed to create tension. Our natural eye feels better when things are off balance, it feels more organic. But for some reason it always makes me feel good and peaceful. I guess the trees in this are a little off balance though. Maybe I really have not idea what I am talking about.

This is from the Yellow River in Australia

Last night I was sick.


Just finished Enchantment by Orson Scoot Card. I always enjoy his relationship development.

Finishing Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier so that I can feel good about starting East of Eden by John Steinbeck.