Dos Fotos


20120716-002512.jpg Here is an IPhone photo of this wonderful, magical store we went to here in Buenos Aires. It's so charming and small, very small, and covered, completely covered in cameras. Of every kind. Ever. This guys a fourth generation owner of this store.

Can't wait to tell more. That camera is the newest addition to my favorite things. Its an Argentine original. And the best part, it's working.

Best souvenir I have ever received. So glad Blake is the most supportive of my love.

Sometimes you get lucky

and all your pictures turn out on your roll of film. Then you want to jump for joy and tell the world that film is beautiful and toy cameras are perfectly messed up! Toy Cameras are the original instagram machines. PS all these photos are unedited. Love me My Fuji Colors. Straight off the film, to the scanner to here. #Naturalgram Did I mention Costa Rica was such an incredible trip? Not only was it me, my babe, and my two best friends, but Blake proposed to me there. Too good. Too good.