My friend Nicole

Nicole is a new friend of mine in Chicago. I really am so grateful to have her here. She really is as sweet as sugar and her husband is a riot. Nicole study early childhood education, has taught, nannied and is the primary chorister at our church. It would be no surprise to you then, to tell you that she collects children's books. Vintage books, original books from our childhood (not sure if I am ready to call those vintage) and new wonderful books.  

Her and her husband are moving out of this apartment so we wanted to document them there before they move. I am excited to go back next week and photograph them both. If your interested, I used both my Canon 5D Mark II as well as my minolta (Kodak, Portra 400).

Labor day with Annie: Scenes from Chicago

  While Blake studied, Annie and I went on a long-leisurely-lolly-gaggin-lingering-labor-day walk. Although trying to do 'selfers' with Annie Jo wasn't working out so well, I did learn that Annie likes to look out at the water. A lot. She is a pretty introspective dog. I mean, she is half greyhound.

I promise to post more then just my dog. I just can hardly get enough. More photos from this summer travels and foundry experience coming right up! Even cooler is that I got in an Exhibit in Thailand! Cant wait to tell you about it.