Good Airs

20120716-001506.jpg This is me. Blogging from Good Airs. Excuse me, I mean Buenos Aires.

I must begin this post by saying that Blake and I like the outside a lot. We like nature, and green things. I also, very much, enjoy and can appreciate an amazing city. I love the thick cultures packed in little places, the restaurants are my favorite and site seeing is always a must. But Needless to say, I can't spend too much time in a city before I am ready for some time outside, in the country.

I blame my family.

Well, originally we planned a few days in Buenos Aires and then the majority of our trip in Iguazu Falls. Which is apparently amazing and beautiful. Flights looked great, and then, we find out its their winter break here. Flights have been full so we have had a lot of city time.

Maybe too much city time.

Time to go home and do laundry and head back out. Next stop (we think) Honduras!

PS. This really is an incredible city. I will post muchos fotos and stories soon.